Rotogravure Flexible Packaging Cylinders Engraving

Cylinders Engraving

Rotogravure Cylinders printing is a long run and high-quality printing method. It can be used for CMYK printing where each colour of ink is applied by its own cylinder. The cylinder is etched with cells of different depths. These cells hold the ink that is transferred to the substrate, then the substrate is pressed against the inked cylinder on a rotary press, and the image is directly transferred

Our productivity is 700 cylinders/month and we are planning to reach 1200 cylinders/month with 3 new electroplating tanks by the end of 2017.

We work with two types of cylinders:
1. New Cylinders: Steel based cylinders which are bought from steel suppliers.
2. Previously Used Cylinders: Clients want the engraved images to be changed

We rely on the latest technology in the field to proceed with cylinders engraving. Our Machineries and Tools are made by the most advanced manufacturers in the world to insure our customers’ premium quality printing for their end packaging product.

We provide:
. Cylinders for Cigar Packaging
. Cylinders for Egypt Post
. Cylinders for Flexible Packaging
. Cylinders for Printing on Paper
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