Research and Development

Rotografia’s policy gives unlimited support to the R&D department in order to support our product viability and maintain customer satisfaction. Rotografia provides new packaging and alternative solutions according to customers’ requirements.

The R&D team is made up of 10 persons (1 engineer + 9 chemists). The main activities are:
  • Developing new products based on marketing research feedback and direct customer requirements.
  • Keeping close contact with customers and improving our current products according to their needs.
  • Developing raw material recipes for all the products we produce.
  • Executing projects to increase efficiency in production and operating systems.
  • Keeping abreast of developments day-to-day and integrating the latest trends into our current production systems. (i.e., new polymers, films, technologies).

Now your design can be a mixture of matt and gloss finishing. New product to replace PET for chewing gum and all PET\OPP applications. Super high barrier metalized structures.
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