Walid Kilani

President & Founder

riad kilani

Walid A. H. Z. Kilani was born in Haifa – Palestine in 1943 to a family of well known trader and manufacturer in the region. A factory was constructed in Iraq followed by building the first factory in Jordan (Jordan Rotogravure) 1986 for Rotogavure printing and Cylinders manufacturing. Within the period from 1987 – 1995, Walid Kilani developed the business in the area by implementing new technologies and market strategies. He dreamt of spreading the rotogravure industry and shape a new regional market.

The year 1995 witnessed the implementation of a new site in Egypt. In 2015, the company expanded and established a new site in Mowaqar a development zone in Amman – Jordan on 23000 km2 with new set of state-of-the-art machines and production lines.

Riyad W. Kilani

CEO & Founder

riad kilani

Riyad W. Kilani was born in Baghdad – Iraq in 1973 He founded and managed the expansion of Misr Rotogravure in 1995 followed by Rotografia in 1998, and InterPack in 2011. The group became one of Egypt’s largest packaging companies, serving the food and beverage industry. He led the expansion of Rotografia, to position the company as a regional player, with operations in Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, and Lebanon.

Riyad brings more than 20 years of experience in packaging manufacturing, market penetration and product development in the Packaging business. He also gained significant operational management and turn-around experience through a number of projects in the food processing and car painting industries.
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