Rotografia Group started its business in 1973 in Lebanon and was followed in 1986 by another plant in Jordan. Afterward, in 1994, Misr Rotogravure/MR was established in Egypt and became one of the leading companies specializing in flexible packaging, film manufacturing and rotogravure printing.

Aware of the fact that Egypt had become very attractive for local and foreign investment and knowing our capabilities to provide world-class quality packaging, Rotografia Group decided to fast-forward its progressive plans to meet a fast-growing, demanding market.

Since we believe that the sky has no limit, Rotogravure Industrial Investment Company/RII was born in 2001 to cover, in addition to local clients and those in Africa and the Middle East, various global markets in Europe, North America and Canada.

With the spirit of a diversified team of 750 skilled engineers, experts and employees, Rotografia Group has a capacity of 20,400 tons/year in all product ranges (see our products tab).

Rotografia Group (RII and MR) currently serves several multinationals as well as leading local companies in a highly competitive market. Not only we do provide our clients with premium quality material, but we also extend our services to go beyond the average "Client/Company partnership" by allowing our team to troubleshoot any technical problems that might occur during the packaging phases at our Client/Partner factories.

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