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Polyolefin-Heat-Shrink-Film-002- Polyolefin film is a new generation of shrink film that replaces PVC shrink film. It’s a food contact, high gloss and low thickness film. Rotografia is the pioneer & the only producer of Polyolefin in the Middle East.

 We are producing a wide range of polyolefin shrink film. It has mainly a protective function, from dust, moisture and smell.

 These films are available with high shrinkage rate and easily fit on the products for all kinds of shapes and sizes. Polyolefin is a good substitute of PVC films, especially when used in packing of food, medicine and for exports purposes as it is environment friendly.

 Polyolefin is FDA compliant for direct-food contact.


 Advantage of Polyolefin compare to PVC:

  • Strong in seals.
  • More resistance to storage condition.
  • Higher yield (gauge to gauge).
  • Its fumes are not corrosive.
  • Good cold flex properties.
  • Good resistance (gauge to gauge).
  • Better shelf life.
  • Food contact materials.


Poly Ethylene Film:

  • Rotografia have P.E Extruded line can produce the following P.E structures.
  • P.E transparent.
  • P.E White.
  • P.E Shrink.
  • Available Thickness (from 30 to 120 µ).


Coming soon:

  • OPTI® 320 Shrink Film - perforated. Used for products which released water vapour like fresh vegetable, pizza and bakery products.