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- Design Office
- Cylinder Engraving
- Flexible packaging of products
- Film production

  1. Design office:
    Rotografia's design office is managed by experts with long years of experience in the field of graphic design in order to meet the requirements of it's customers. In order to supplement the qualities of the design department, it is being equipped with the latest hardware and software, in order to asure the client's satisfaction.

  2. Engraving of cylinders:
    Rotografia uses the best technologies for engraving cylinders to supply it's customers with a superior quality of their end product. With the acquirement of a DTG (direct-to-etching) system has improved our gravure quality and drastically improved our print quality, due to several advantages in terms of:

    • Cylinder quality
    • Cost minimization
    • Minimizing the risks to a minimum that are associated with the printing process.

  3. Advantage of engraving cylinders internally:
    • Ensure confidentiality of our customers' designs.
    • Rapid response to any design change.
    • Time savings for the customer.
  4. Flexible packaging products:
    Our team has over 20 years experience in printing, we have also the European gravure printing machines and a record nine colors automatic control system.
    Our customers can be assured of receiving high-quality packaging materials.

    Rotografia uses for it's production:

    • A 9 colored Cerutti equipped with the latest technology in the gravure industry such as: cold seal, print online and offline and heliostat technology, with very
       high productivity.

    • The laminating machines with and without solvent (3 layer stratification)

    • A hot melt and wax coating machine.

    • The laser adjusted cutters.

Rotografia produces:

  1. Sleeves and Labels

    • Retractable PVC
    • PET heat shrink sleeve
    • Wrap-around label:
      1. Transparent label
      2. White label

  2. Food packaging
    • Snacks:
      1. OPP \ MET and OPP
    • Chips:
      1. OPP \ MET and OPP
    • Dairy products:
      1. Banner (decor) for yogurt
      2. Cover (yogurt lid)
    • Drinks and fruit juices:
      1. Doy-pack
    • Haberdashery
    • Bakery
    • Frozen Food
    • Nuts and dried fruits
    • Confectionery