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export department Rotografia has acquired great experience in dealing with, and exporting to, Europe and Africa, which has brought us success and allowed us to improve our target by reaching 22% of our total production, giving us top ranking in our field.

 Our aim now is to dedicate a larger part of our production capacity to conquering new countries and clients, in addition to the countries we are already exporting to. We plan to do this by hiring highly experienced, competent people, in order to open new markets, as well as by exhibiting in, or visiting, the main specialized and reputable exhibitions and fairs in our field. As a result of our goal and the means we are using, we have succeeded in opening USA and Canadian markets.

 The Export and Sales Department has staff experienced in logistics, who handle all the export procedures to attain maximum client satisfaction by taking the following into consideration:

 Having shipping agreements with selected and trusted forwarders.

  • Monitoring the good execution of our forwarders and ensuring that schedules and deliveries are strictly respected.
  • Monitoring all paper work related to exports: (customs procedures and duties, issuing and delivering certificates of origin, B/L, etc…).
  • Post-shipping services and follow up.
  • Respecting all client requests.
  • Improving packing quality.

 And last but not least, Rotografia aims to gain our clients’ satisfaction by carrying out all requested inquiries, by offering the best quality, the most timely service and the most competitive prices.

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