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 Rotografia is always keen to attend, either as an exhibitor or at least as a visitor, all international and local specialized exhibitions related to our field of activity.

Some exhibitions we have attended:


 2013  Plast Expo  Marocco  Exhibitor
 2012  Printpack  Algeria  Exhibitor
   Afro Packing  Egypte  Exhibitor
   Anuga   Germany  Visitor
   Drupa  Germany  Visitor
 2011  Afri Print  Ethiopia  Exhibitor
   PPPEXPO  Kenya  Exhibitor
   Anuga  Germany  Visitor
 2010  Emballage Paris  France  Exhibitor
   Gulf Print  Dubai  Exhibitor
   TIFA  Libya  Exhibitor
   Gulf Food  Dubai  Visitor
   ISM  Germany  Visitor
 2009  Afri Print  Ethiopia  Exhibitor
   Anuga  Germany  Visitor
   ISM  Germany  Visitor
   Emballage Paris  France  Visitor
   SIAL Paris  France  Visitor
 2008  Emballage Paris  France  Visiteur
   SIAL Paris  France  Visiteur
 2007  Anuga  Germany  Visitor
   Techno Print  Soudan  Exhibitor
   World food  Russia   Visitor
   Gulf print  Dubai   Exhibitor
   Rosupak  Russia   Exhibitor